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Travel Medicine

Travelers should see a physician before leaving for a trip if they are visiting developing countries, visiting sites that are not on the usual tourist routes or traveling to high altitudes, have chronic diseases that could be affected by travel, or are visiting countries that require vaccinations before they allow travelers to enter the country.

Services Provided at Our Immediate Care include:

• Travel Medical Consultation with a doctor.

• Travel Vaccinations that we offer include:

• Adacel

• Chicken Pox (Varivax III)

• Cholera

• Flu Vaccine

• Gardasil

• Hepatitis A

• Hepatitis B

• Hepatitis A & B

• HIV Aids

• Japanese Encephalitis

• Malaria

• Menjugate

• Menomune


• Pneumococcal

• Polio IPV

• Rabies

• Rotateq

• TD


• Tick Borne

• Travelers' Diarrhea

• Twinrix (Hepatitis A & B)

• Typhoid

• Varivax III (Chicken Pox)

• Yellow Fever

• Zostavax (Shingles)We also provide advices and prescriptions for the following conditions:

Our Immediate Care center can also help you Learn about health concerns in the countries you are visiting. Get necessary immunizations and require medical documents. Prescribe drugs to help protect you before or during your trip. Advise you on any existing health concerns that could affect your trip.

If you are traveling to Africa, Asia, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, South Africa and Eastern Europe you need vaccinations and prescriptions. Call us to book an appointment and make sure you are protected.

COVID 19 Update

We do offer COVID 19 test at our location. Please call our office for more information. 

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